Well, first reported here. 50 years and a decent sex life, but generally decrease in maintaining elasticity over the past few years. Yes, I can live with it, but more interested in satisfying my wife, who, if there was something more sexy (and orgasm) during the last 5 years or so. 25 mg one hour before waiting for an opportunity for sex and cock really ready to use without much persuasion. Sex was hard and no concern about losing focus .. has not reduced after major orgasm and some time before down (boy, that was a while). No side effects except very excited wife!

The amazing drug! I am 30 and suffer from ED little stress related, I met a wonderful woman, but I had to keep said hard one. I decided to try Viagra, took 50 mg, and 30 minutes we had the most amazing sex ever! I swear that we had sex for two hours, she came a few times and I just finished when I decided Instantly I had any problems during sex and have never experienced any side effetsts.

Suffering from mild ED, stress-related, took 25 mg, the mood was not there and did not work, as I thought it would be. Fell asleep woke up 2:00 later and noticed a feeling, two minutes later it was included. I was pleasantly surprised, relized there should stimulation in order to work properly, just thinking wont do it. Very pleased with the results. After the first round, my wife has just touched it and it was a boom again been together a while since it happened! Remember that if you take it senses alone will not work, get out there and have fun, it will work !!

took 100 mg at night ,,, drink a lot of alcohol and left before it kicks in ... I was sad, the next morning, I wasted product, and [money] fell asleep. However, the next day [16 hours later] .. my wife and I had an amazing session .. she loved my cock so she actually spent more time enjoying it ,,, which really made me harder and longer than any ever. she came twice ... awesome ... it lasts a day ...

I am 76. I use Cialis BPH and ED. I tried Viagra last week. Wow. Never performed so well. Took about 2:00 to sex. Had a great erction and lasted as long as I wanted. Decided climax after about 1.2 hours. continuas of the act. My partnetr was shocked and said it was the best! I received a 50 mg pill, but I cut in half. It seemed more than enough. Maybe I'll try 50 mg. For comparison.

I am 62 and on medication for high blood pressure, about 4 months ago, I could no longer get an erection to have sex. I had a conversation with my doctor, and was not surprised no problem, he would give me a prescription for Viagra. I took the first tablet of 25 mg and 30 minutes I was very hard erection was such a relief to know now I am able to have sex again.

Depends what you're looking for and who you are. Some peolple believe only in harsh chemicals and made good experience, others take the natural things about it.